Mobile Hurricane Web Application


For Pinellas County Residents

The Mobile Hurricane Web App was developed by St. Petersburg College's Center for Public Safety Innovation housed at the Allstate Center campus, to provide residents of Pinellas County, Florida, with a dynamic Web application that can be used before, during, and after a hurricane. This app gives residents a one-stop tool on their mobile device that provides all the necessary information to prepare for, weather, and recover from a hurricane. No more searching for printed storm guides, checking the Internet for information as the storm approaches, or trying to figure out what your needs are for your family. This app enables residents to have all that information at their fingertips, on a device they have in their possession every day.

Using forms and drop-downs, Mobile Hurricane Web app users answer questions about home occupancy, special needs requirements, pets, and evacuation zones to assemble a personalized profile that guides them in preparing their disaster kit and emergency plan. The web app lets users know what to do at each stage of the process: prior to hurricane season, as the storm approaches, during the storm, and afterward. Relevant news feeds applicable to an approaching storm are available, both on a national and local level, including an RSS feed from the National Hurricane Center and a Twitter feed from Pinellas County EM. The app contains evacuation information (i.e., zones, routes, and shelters) and provides access to dynamic maps (Google Maps), to enable both online and offline use.

Mobile Installation Instructions

Demonstration Video featured on BayNews 9

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