Inclusive Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Training

CPSI at St. Petersburg College works with several federal, state, and local training partners to provide best practices education and training in the area of inclusive emergency and disaster preparedness and planning as part of our overall mission.

iPhone App for Assisting People with Access
and Functional Needs and Disabilities in
Emergencies Available Now on iTunes

screenshots of iPhone app

St. Petersburg College’s Center for Public Safety Innovation (CPSI) is excited to announce the launch of an iPhone app through iTunes that provides information and resources on how to assist people with access and functional needs including people with disabilities during emergency or disaster incidents. The Access for All (AFA) Guide is for people serving the community in any capacity and who need to quickly familiarize themselves with how to safely assist people with access and functional needs and disabilities. This app is especially helpful for emergency or first responders, health care workers, non-profit service organizations, and/or non-government organization (NGO) workers.
What does the app do?

Read about a recent training project on one of our division Websites at:

First Responder Assistance for the Whole Community:

NTPI (a division of CPSI) and our partners at SPAWAR have created an online interface, videos, and printable job aid flip book, which includes critical information to help emergency responders assist people with access and functional needs, including people with disabilities.
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NTPI Pre-Packaged Training
For a direct link to the interface go to:

Person in wheel chair being assisted by an emergency person.

CPSI maintain the highest standard of instructional design, education, and advocacy in this critical area for public safety. We provide assessment and evaluation of services, classroom or Web based training, and video production of real world examples. Including people with access and functional needs and people with disabilities in the training efforts for the disaster preparedness cycle is essential for meeting the needs of every community.

To answer questions or request information on training development for inclusive emergency and disaster preparedness contact Chris Littlewood, Instructional Technology Coordinator at: or 727.893.1883