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Each CPSI division services a particular area of public safety. All divisions develop and deliver a broad range of training products in each area of expertise.

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Counterdrug - MCTFT

Our counterdrug courses focus on topics such as counterdrug operations, gang awareness, surveillance, interviewing skills, Spanish compliance commands, chemical explosives, clandenstine laboratories, and money laundering. Visit the MCTFT Web site for a complete listing of courses.

Community Policing - FL RCPI

Our community policing courses focus on topics such as human trafficking, homelessness, workplace violence, ID theft, and domestic violence. Visit the RCPI Web site for a complete listing of courses. 

CERT trained ASL interpreters

View the listing of State of FL Sign Language Interpreters with CERT Basic Training (requires password).

Mortgage Fraud and Vacant Property Crime

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) is offering training and technical assistance (TTA) for state and local agencies and organizations that need help in their efforts to prevent, investigate and prosecute mortgage fraud and crimes associated with vacant properties. The following CPSI courses are tuition-free and available online.

The Effects of Vacant and Abandoned Properties - Click Here
This free online course is intended for law enforcement and code compliance officers who occupy the front lines on streets and in neighborhoods, and who deal with citizens and other stakeholders who directly and daily deal with the negative aspects of abandoned properties and neighborhood decline.

Los Efectos de Propiedades Abandonadas y Desocupadas - Regístrese aquí
Este curso en línea gratis está diseñado para la policía uniformada y agentes de cumplimiento de reglamentos, quienes son el primer contacto en las calles y vecindarios; también para aquellos que lidian con ciudadanos y otros involucrados que combaten los aspectos negativos de Propiedades Desocupadas y Abandonadas, y de vecindarios en deterioro.

Victims of Crime Act (VOCA)

The following training is provided by the Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs, sponsored by St. Petersburg College, Center For Public Safety Innovation (CPSI) and the State of Florida, Office of the Attorney General.

Situational Awareness for Social Service and Health Care Professionals - An Online Resource For Safety Practices - Click Here
This free online resource provides information regarding safety practices for Social Service and Health Care Professional in both the office and home visit settings.

Social Service and Health Care Professionals Safety Tip Sheet - Click Here
This free online Safety Tip Sheet can be printed and posted in the office, used as a desk resource or attached to case file field notes.

Drug Identification - Click Here
This free online course is intended for the general citizen. This course presents an overview of the identification of current substances of abuse and the associated paraphernalia. Drug Scheduling, appearance, observable effects on the human body, methods of ingestion, possible medicinal and/or cultural uses, slang terminology, cultivation, production, manufacture and distribution of the prevalent substances within the seven categories of drugs will be described. Safety issues for encountering users of these drugs is emphasized.

Identificación de Drogas - haga clic aquí
Este curso gratuito en línea está dirigido al ciudadano en general. Este curso presenta una visión general de la identificación de las sustancias actuales de abuso y la parafernalia. La Clasificación de Drogas, apariencia, efectos observables sobre el cuerpo humano, métodos de ingestión, posibles usos medicinales y/o culturales, terminología callejera, cultivo, producción, fabricación y distribución de las sustancias prevalentes dentro de las siete categorías de las drogas serán descritas. Se enfatizan los problemas de seguridad enfrentan cuando encuentran usuarios de estas drogas.